About Us

Welcome To Trap Door Colander's About Us Page

My name is Lesia Farmer, and I am the inventor of the "Trap Door Colander." Several years back I was standing in the kitchen cooking spaghetti, and when I went to turn my colander over it had clumped together and it all came out at once landing on me and causing severe burns. That is the day the "Trap Door Colander" was born. 

After several years of selling it licensed under the Farberware name I decided it was time to manufacture it myself. I am fortunate to be able to re introduce one of the most innovative kitchen products the "Trap Door Colander." 

We are blessed to be able to use the same manufacture as Farberware did in order to acquire the same amazing quality product. 

We are excited to be offering our very first run in gray, and will add other colors as we move along. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn About Us!